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Professional Wealth Management Services LLC is the corporate manifestation of a client concern and care model originating from its members’ 20 plus years of successful navigation through the fractured and often confusing financial services world of banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, and investment advisors. With over 50 years of combined individual service experiences, the firm’s management team has helped people during economic boom times as well as periods of worry and uncertainty.

The company’s professionals stand firm on the two simple beliefs that the company was founded on:

  •   The art of wealth management should focus solely on the needs of the people who place their trust in you as a steward of their wealth and livelihood, and
  •   The work of wealth management should be done in an environment that is free of traditional financial service provider trappings such as product sales quotas, broker sales contests, and other compensation systems that have nothing to do with pursuing a client’s financial objectives.

Professional Wealth Management is an independent, full-service, comprehensive wealth management firm that is purposely managed to remain personal, efficient, and unencumbered by mega company overhead that runs up client fees but does not ultimately contribute to a client’s financial planning. 

Moving forward in an era where big firms failing, bailouts, and scandals provided the headlines, the members of Professional Wealth Management strive to rise above the noise and faithfully serve their clients, the wonderful people who have given such great loyalty to them over the years and are the true foundations and inspirations of this firm.