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Corporate Resources

Professional Wealth Management offers its own independent advice, planning, consulting, and management capabilities in helping clients with their financial concerns. However, the firm seeks to eliminate potential conflicts of interest while allowing additional layers of support for clients in their access and use of third party custodians, administrators, and record keepers. Currently, individual investment clients use LPL Financial, the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States, as a qualified custodian while pension consulting clients utilize Fidelity Investments and other select qualified custodians through Newport Group (formerly NextStep Defined Contribution Inc.). Newport Group is a leading independent administrator and record keeper for defined contribution plans such as 401(k) plans.

Professional Wealth Management is always open to assisting clients in their pursuit of any qualified custodian, administrator, or record keeper who meets their needs and preferences. In combination with technology subscriptions and other purchased operational resources, the ability of clients to leverage the specialties of corporate service providers such as LPL and Newport Group allows Professional Wealth Management to focus maximum time and effort on addressing clients' specific and daily financial needs even more efficiently. Clients enjoy the best of both worlds: independent advice without the potential conflicts of interest found in the sales cultures of many large publicly traded employee advisor firms matched by the checks and balances, scale, and security of large third party qualified custodians, administrators, and record keepers.