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Marilyn Nicholson

Marilyn Nicholson

Client Services Manager

Marilyn Nicholson is the Client Services Manager for Professional Wealth Management Services LLC. Having started her financial services career in 1985, Marilyn has seen the inner workings of diverse investment advisory, brokerage, insurance, and real estate practices firsthand in addition to witnessing the massive changes that have occurred across the financial services industry as a whole during her tenure. 

Marilyn’s career experiences have led her to become a passionate client advocate. She is steadfast in her belief that best industry and individual firm practices begin with putting the clients’ current and future needs first and foremost. 

Based on this belief and years of experience serving clients directly, Marilyn has been instrumental in the development of a service model for the firm that focuses on every detail of receiving and delivering on client requests as well as being proactive in anticipating and providing for client needs ahead of expectation.  As the Client Services Manager for Professional Wealth Management, Marilyn oversees a wide array of unique client-centered approaches to interaction and tasks that many businesses overlook or fail to emphasize in developing meaningful:

  •  Current client services
  •  New client services
  •  Client relationship events and services, and
  •  Client appreciation events and services

In Marilyn’s eyes, the ultimate goal for Professional Wealth Management is to ensure that every client conversation and office visit is personal and positive. Collectively, all of these conversations and visits contribute to the ultimate ambition of the firm within the industry: to provide a worthy and lasting example of treating clients with honesty and great care throughout challenging times as well as easier times.